Creme X Soto Caferacer


Creme X Soto Caferacer

Building this bicycle for SOTO was an exciting but difficult challenge for us. We wanted to make something really exceptional, which was not easy with the limited time we were given to make this project come to life. The decision was to build a bike that would be as raw and pure as possible. So here it is, the Stainless Caferacer.The heart of the bicycle is the frame and fork, built in Poland by our friend, a custom builder. It took over 160 man-hours to complete it. We decided to use stainless steel KVA tubes from the USA and stainless steel lugs which were joined together by silver brazing. The lugs were then polished and tubes sandblasted to give an amazing harmonic interaction between the two raw surfaces. In fact the use of the finest materials available allowed us to avoid virtually any paint or other finishing layers. Each metal part, from the frame itself down to the chain cover is either stainless steel or alloy. The single speed drivetrain is light and simple. The selection of components - mostly sourced from European suppliers include super lightweight Polish Mack hubs, British Brooks Cambium saddles, and a wooden handlebar from a local Polish maker. The subtle Soto branding can be noticed on the custom laser cut pedal plates and hubs.

We think the bicycle has been built according to our fundamental values at Creme. It's understated, elegant and timeless. We hope you like it just as we do.

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158CM - 170CM
Seat tube: 495 mm Head angle: 69.5
Top tube: 546 mm Seat angle: 73
Chainstay: 430 mm  
168CM - 178CM
Seat tube: 550 mm Head angle: 70
Top tube: 561 mm Seat angle: 73
Chainstay: 430 mm  
176CM - 191CM
Seat tube: 605 mm Head angle: 71
Top tube: 586 mm Seat angle: 73
Chainstay: 430 mm  

Frame : 1800 g,

Hand made luged SS frame (kva tubing ) by Creme Poland

Hand made stainless stell lugs brazed with silver by Creme

Custom handmade hubs by Mack - Poland

Creme custom pedals with Soto logo- Poland

Brooks Cambium saddle - England

Creme handmade wooden handlebar - Poland

Continental Gator tires - Germany

H Plus Son TB14 rims

Creme Stainless steel chain cover and front rack

Creme custom hand polished chromoly stem

KMC inox chain - it’s not European part…

Weight 9 kg, naked (w/o rack,lamps,pedals,fixed)

Please note that production bicycles may slightly differ in specifications and/or color from those shown on this website. All listed specifications are subject to change without notice.

Intended use: ROAD RIDING
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Vinyl LTD

Fame (Single Speed)


CREME X SOTO Caferacer