1. Where can I find the serial number?
The serial number can be found either on the BOTTOM BRACKET SHELL or for e-bikes on the SEAT TUBE/DOWN TUBE near the Shimano engine.


2. Where can I find user manuals?
All up to date manuals for bikes and accessories can be found on our site -> MANUALS.


3. What frame size do I need?
Each bike on our site has got a SPEC/TECH section which shows the approximate height for each frame size. If you need more assistance, please contact us: info@cremecyces.com 


4. Can I use a child seat on my bike?
Yes, a child seat can be fitted on your Creme bicycle. Either on the front or rear of the bike (mounted on the seat tube).


5. How do I register? What are the benefits of registering?
You can register through our site ->  REGISTER. After registertering,  all your bike data is stored in our database, you will have access to premium offers and special news from Creme.


6. Where I can find the nearest dealer?
Please check our dealer locator -> CREME DEALERS


7. What is the maximum load or front rack/wicker basket/rear rack?
Front Rack / Front Tray - 8 kg
Wicker basket -   8kg
Rear Rack - 10 kg
Note that mounting heavy objects on racks, especially on the front, will significantly change the steering characteristics of your bike. It is advised to take some time to get used to the bike with a loaded rack by riding it first on a side road or empty parking lot before going on the street. Always make sure that your luggage is properly fastened to the rack!


8. Where can I find warranty conditions? How long is the warranty?
All conditions are under this link -> WARRANTY.


9. Who should I contact to make a warranty claim?
All claims under warranty should be made through the dealer where the bicycle was purchased.


10. What is the maximum load of bikes?
Standard bikes - the maximum total permissible weight allowed (bike + rider + clothing + protective gear + backpack, luggage etc.) is 130 kg.

Balance bikes - the total permissible load is max. 25 kg.

Happy Wagon - the maximum total permissible weight allowed (rider + luggage etc.) is 200 kg. Details about weight limits, carrying loads can be found in HAPPY WAGON MANUAL.


11. What is the lowest and highest position of the saddle in Mia/Micky balance bike?

The top of the saddle in the lowest position is 37 cm above the ground, so we advise that the inseam of your child should be at least 37 cm. The highest position of the saddle is 48 cm above the ground.