Molly Series

Molly Series

This girl will take you across town in comfort and style. Relax and enjoy the views. Watch people's heads turn in your direction as you ride along. This beautiful bicycle is smaller and lighter than a traditional “dutch” bike, making it easier for carrying up stairs.


Simple Facts why The Molly is good For You:

- Very upright riding position so you can cruise in comfort,

- lightweight aluminium wheels,

- includes front basket that lets you carry all your goods efficiently,

- Sram I-Motion 3-speed internal hub is the epitome of quality, versatility, and simplicity,

- Kenda 26” tires are perfect for commuting, with a round profile to handle anything in the city,

- street clothes stay clean and dry under all-season conditions thanks to full coverage, durable fenders and chain guard,

- safety at night thanks to front and rear lights included with the bike,

- very comfortable saddle,

- steel frame makes the bicycle durable and comfortable,

- eye-catching powder coat paint job and clear coat for great looks and durability,

- lifetime warranty for frame and fork,

- hand built in Europe.

Choose Molly model:


Pale Peach (3 speed)


Chic (3 speed)


Pistachcio (3 speed)


Molly Limone (3 SPEED)