Caferacer Lady Series

Caferacer Lady Series

The Caferacer's design is influenced by hand built porteur bicycles of the 50’s and 60’s. The semi-upright position will give you a perfect balance between comfort and speed, whilst the front rack will be ideal for carrying your luggage. The Caferacer is not only practical but also exceptionally beautiful. Look closer at the paint job, check out the hand polished rims and a lugged frame and fork. And you don’t have to be a bicycle mechanic to ride this bike every day - there are no external derailleurs or unnecessary cables and adjustment knobs. All this will give you a classic looking bicycle that is a pleasure to use every day.


Simple Facts why The Caferacer Lady is good For You:

- Semi-upright position for the best compromise between speed and comfort (can be fine tuned to suit personal taste),

- reliable shifting, and efficient pedalling thanks to internal gearing hubs,

- front rack (included in Caferacer Solo and Doppio models),

- street clothes stay clean and dry in all-season conditions thanks to full coverage, durable fenders and chain guard,

- safety at night thanks to front and rear lights included with the bike (included in Caferacer Solo and Doppio models),

- steel frame makes the bicycle durable and comfortable,

- eye-catching powder coat paint job and clear coat for great looks and durability,

- lifetime warranty for frame and fork, - hand built in Europe.

Choose Caferacer Lady model:

Caferacer Lady Uno

Turquoise (3 speed)

Caferacer Lady Uno

Warm Gray (3 speed)

Caferacer Lady Solo

Red (3 and 7 speed)

Caferacer Lady Solo

White (3 and 7 speed)

Caferacer Lady Doppio

Emerald (7 speed)

Caferacer Lady Doppio

Champagne (7 speed)

Caferacer Lady Ltd

Antibes (7 speed)